Accommodation can be difficult to find and as a newcomer it is even harder to get an overview. In this guide we try to give you the basic information you need in your search for a place to live.

Subletting is quite common and for many the first place is a temporary one. Apartments and rooms for rent are often advertised on the internet or found through colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

Subletting means that you rent somebody else’s dwelling for a limited period of time. What you rent is the right to live in and use the dwelling for the agreed period of time – nothing more.

If you plan to stay permanently it is a good idea to sign up for an apartment in one of the housing associations.

Another option is to buy, depending on where you come from there are certain rules. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website you’ll find information about real property purchase in Danmark

Budget – how much should you expect to pay

It is difficult to say how much you should expect to pay. Prices depend on location and also time of the year. The months around September, when the new students arrive, prices are high and it is very difficult to get a place to live.

Furnished rooms for a single person (with access to kitchen and bathroom) cost FROM about DKK 3.000-3.500 - including heating and electricity.

Small furnished apartments (1-2 rooms + kitchen and bath) are most difficult to get. Normally they are rented to a single person or a couple without children. Cost FROM about DKK 6.000-7000 per month plus consumption.

Furnished apartments (2-3 rooms + kitchen and bath) are easier to find. Cost FROM about DKK 9.000-10.000 per month plus consumption.

Larger furnished apartments (4-6 rooms + kitchen and bath) cost FROM about DKK 10.000-12.000 or much more per month plus consumption. Consumption is heating, water, gas, electricity and eventually telephone and TV license fee (if a TV set is included in the furnishing).

Important advice

- Deposit is required from most landlords. Normally you have to pay 1 months deposit for a room and 3 months deposit for a flat.
- Check the room/apartment personally before making a deal.
- Before signing a contract, carefully read the terms.
- Cheating with ads on the internet is seen, and payment of deposit in advance without having a contract is a bad idea, it can be very difficult to get the money back
- If the offer sounds too good, it might be too good to be true

Moving and Change address

When you change your address you have to inform the authorities within 5 days. This can be done online with a NemID (online ID/signature).

Online you can change your address at

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