Cost of living

Cost of living

The cost of living is fairly high in Denmark, but living expenses will of course vary according to personal requirements and standards. Basic food expenses for one person are 2.200 ‑ 2.500 kr. per month. Going out can be rather expensive. A meal costs approx. 120 kr., a beer about 30 kr. and a bottle of wine between 100 and 200 kr. - again of course varying according to standard. A number of restaurants and cafes offer inexpensive luncheons from 11:00 to 15:00 and it is easy to find cheap pizza places. In total a person studying in Denmark should expect to need about 5000 kr. on a monthly basis. This does not include the one time expense of the deposit for a room

The cost of living in Denmark will vary depending on your lifestyle and habits. Many services in Denmark such as medical treatment are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system.


Living expenses on average

Monthly rent
Deposit of room
Monthly food
Books per semester




2.200 - 3.000 kr.
4.000 - 6.600 kr.
2.200 - 2.500 kr.
1.100 - 2.000 kr.

200 - 300 kr.

200 - 300 kr.

100 - 200 kr.


Please note that in some cases you pay for heating and electricity separately; ca. 400 kr. on a monthly basis.


These are average estimated prices for costs of living in Denmark. Of course the prices can vary, it depends on the city that you are studying in. In smaller cities the cost of living it might be two times less than living in the big cities. Especially when you are studying in the capital city, the cost is quite high expecially in the clubs, bars etc.

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