Yellow card

Yellow card

The official term for the yellow card is the health insurance card. This is also the most important ID you need for daily life. To apply for your yellow card, you simply go to the municipality of the city you are studying.


What is CPR Registration?

The main purpose of local registration of a person's address in the CPR is to ensure that all people are registered at the address where they actually live or are staying in accordance with CPR Act  1, No 3.

If you are foreigner or EU citizens then you must register your personal information in a personal register office.


Use of the CPR-number

The CPR-number is used for registration and personal identification, e.g. when you buy a house, do banking, insurance transactions or tax etc.


Danish health services

The Health Insurance Certificate is your license to the Danish health services and you must show it when you see a doctor. It also serves as ID when picture ID is not required. The certificate is automatically issued to you after you have obtained a CPR-number.


List of Municipalities


Copenhagen Municipality

Aarhus Municipality

Odense Municipality

Kolding Municipality

Sønderborg Municipality

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